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Entertainment Estate Law:
A Niche Practice With An Important Purpose

Artists and entertainers make a living through their creative work. And if that work is popular, it can continue to support an artist's loved ones after the artist has passed away. It is fairly common for musicians and composers to include copyrights in their wills and estate plans. Unfortunately, heirs and beneficiaries often run into problems with these important inheritances.

This is where I come in. I am Sindee Levin, an attorney with more than 30 years of experience in entertainment law. My work has given me an intimate knowledge of copyright law, music rights, film rights and much more. I can help you secure beneficiaries' rights and ensure that the creative copyrights you inherit remain protected and profitable.

Working With Heirs As Well As Estate And Probate Attorneys

If you are named beneficiary of copyrights or similar assets, you may already be working with an excellent estate/probate attorney. But even highly skilled lawyers may not have much experience or knowledge in this particular area of law.

I work with both heirs and other lawyers to provide valuable insights and guidance on:

  • Music copyright bequests
  • Renewing a decedent's copyrights
  • Recapturing a decedent's copyrights
  • Maximizing the value of inherited copyrights
  • Royalty collection and distribution
  • Valuation of unique estate assets

My firm can also help you value estate assets in divorce and copyright assets in cases where media companies file for bankruptcy. To put it succinctly: In the high-stakes world of Hollywood Entertainment, I am at the forefront with experience.