Inheriting A Copyright? I Can Help Protect It.

Creative intellectual property often remains valuable long after the creator has passed away. But in order for copyrights and other IP protections to continue generating income, they must be properly bequeathed by the estate owner and properly valued by the recipients.

Unfortunately, most heirs and beneficiaries don't understand the value of what they are inheriting, and they don't know how to protect and maximize that inheritance. This is where my firm comes in.

I regularly provide advice and analysis about the estates of songwriters, recording artists, producers and musicians. And if you are already working with a trusted estate and probate lawyer, I am happy to collaborate with him or her to resolve only the aspects of your case related to copyright and entertainment matters.

In addition to assistance with estate valuation, I may be able to help you resolve disputes related to:

  • Royalties (domestic and foreign)
  • Publishing rights
  • Licensing rights
  • Film rights
  • Music rights
  • Memorabilia
  • Probate matters involving copyrights
  • Discovering and correcting mistakes in how royalty contracts are being executed

A Lawyer Who Knows The Industry

Over more than three decades in entertainment law, I have worked with and come to know the entertainment industry's biggest companies and organizations. This includes all major film and television studios (NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, Universal Pictures, etc.).

The list also includes the two most prominent performing rights and mechanical rights organizations, ASCAP and BMI.

Each of these entities tends to handle copyright and royalties matters in slightly different ways, especially regarding heirs and beneficiaries of deceased celebrities and other copyright holders. As a longtime participant in this section of the entertainment industry, I offer my clients the benefits and convenience of inside knowledge.

Contact Me For A Free Evaluation Of Your Case

Sindee Levin, Attorney at Law, is based in Los Angeles, with clients throughout the United States. If you are involved in a beneficiary dispute, a problem with an entertainment company or music rights organization, contact me at 310-440-8778 for a free discussion about your case. You can also send me an email.