Finding Client Solutions Through Collaboration With Other Attorneys

Here in California, it is somewhat common for estate and probate lawyers to encounter unique assets in the form of copyrights and other creative intellectual property. But unless you have significant knowledge of and experience with these types of assets, it is usually easier and more cost-effective to consult with another attorney than to handle such matters by yourself.

I'm Sindee Levin, an attorney with more than 30 years of experience in entertainment estate law. I am uniquely experienced in estate matters involving copyrights. This includes music rights, film rights and royalties (foreign and domestic). I am able to help heirs and beneficiaries determine the value of what they are inheriting, as well as how to maximize and protect that value.

Focused On Collaboration — Not Competition

Although I can work directly with clients, collaboration with other attorneys is a major component of my practice. I do not litigate cases or spend much time in court. Instead, I provide highly skilled and informed advice to supplement the great work that attorneys are already doing for their clients.

My collaboration is not just limited to work with estate and probate lawyers. I can also advise lawyers in bankruptcy cases involving entertainment companies and family law attorneys seeking help with asset valuation in divorce.

An Entertainment Industry Veteran

Throughout my decades of practice, I have:

  • Worked for large law firms representing studios and production companies
  • Worked as the business affairs manager for a major production company
  • Founded my own firm to advise individuals, other lawyers and entertainment companies on issues related to music rights

My work has given me an intimate knowledge of all major television and movie studios as well as the two primary performance rights organizations, BMI and ASCAP. In short, I understand how the entertainment industry works and how it can best work for your clients.

Contact Me To Discuss Your Client's Unique Legal Situation

Sindee Levin, Attorney at Law, is based in Los Angeles. My firm works with attorneys and clients in the LA Metro and throughout the United States. To collaborate with me about a copyright issue related to estate law, call me at 310-440-8778, or send me an email.