When Entertainment Companies Go Bankrupt, Copyright Assets Are Critical

It happens all the time: Production companies and other entertainment-related businesses close their doors due to unmanageable levels of debt. While this is a reality of the Hollywood landscape, it is nonetheless difficult and discouraging for all involved.

Business bankruptcies can be complex, especially when there are copyrights and other intellectual property assets involved (as there often are with entertainment companies). Even if the company is represented by a good bankruptcy lawyer, important assets can be overlooked. This is where my firm comes in.

I'm Sindee Levin, an attorney with more than three decades of experience in entertainment estate law. With my help, you can maximize the value of your company's bankruptcy estate in order to pay down debts and make a clean break.

Does Your Company Have Undiscovered Assets?

Many small companies don't know what kind of assets they have and what those assets are worth. With small film companies, for instance, the company may own the copyrights to the film score as well as the film rights.

In addition to searching for music rights and other assets, I will also engage in contract review to determine whether your company has been collecting royalties and other revenue streams related to the intellectual property.

If filing for Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy, maximizing assets to liquidate can reduce the likelihood that any of the owners are held personally liable for business debts. That's one reason why it is so important to hire a valuation professional like me in bankruptcy cases involving entertainment companies.

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