Valuing Copyrights And Similar Assets In Divorce Cases

California is a community property state, which means that any assets acquired during a marriage are generally considered to be community property (belonging to both spouses). If the couple ever gets divorced, the assets or the value of those assets need to be appraised and divided between the spouses.

For most assets like furniture and real estate, valuation is fairly straightforward. But things can be significantly more complicated when one or both spouses own copyrights. When were the copyrights put in place? How much are they worth? Is there other valuable creative work that should be copyrighted but has yet to be? Are any of the copyrights protected in a prenuptial agreement?

I'm entertainment estate law attorney Sindee Levin, and these are just some of the many questions I explore when I provide asset valuation in divorce cases.

Working With Divorce Clients And Their Attorneys

If you're getting a divorce, chances are good that you already have a lawyer to handle most of the details. My role is to supplement the good work you and your attorney are already doing. By providing experienced copyright valuation, I can help you form a more complete estate valuation, and therefore, a fairer division of assets.

Whether the copyrights were inherited or related to your own creative work, I can quickly determine what they are worth and can help you maximize their value and longevity. This includes copyright-related matters such as:

  • Royalties (foreign and domestic)
  • Publishing rights
  • Licensing rights
  • Shares of past vs. future revenues

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